The following services are available for the Histology Laboratory. There are also instruments available for use on a charge-per-hour basis (please see the Equipment and Rates tab).

To schedule for services, please contact Dr. Junji Watanabe at

Service School of Pharmacy Other USC Users
Processing & embedding $6/cassette $7.20/cassette
Processing & embedding – RUSH $7.50/cassette $9/cassette
Paraffin sectioning 1st slide $2.40/slide $2.90/slide
Paraffin sectioning additional slide $1.20/slide $1.45/slide
Frozen sectioning 1st slide $9.60/slide $11.50/slide
Frozen sectioning additional slide $2.40/slide $2.90/slide
H&E staining $1.20/slide $1.45/slide
Slides (plus) $1/each $1/each
Slide folder (25 slides) $7/Folder $8/Folder
Slide folder (100 slides) $10/Folder $12/Folder