Equipment and Rates

Histology Laboratory Equipment

Microm Rotary Microtome

Description/Applications: Cuts think sections of paraffin embedded tissues with a disposable blade. The water bath is used to float the thin sections onto microscope slides
Charges: Pharmacy: $25/hr; Other USC: $30/hr

Microm Cryostat

Description/Applications: Frozen tissue samples are thin sectioned with the cryostat. Tissues do not need to be fixed, however fixation preserves better structure. Frozen sections are directly mounted onto microscope slides.
Charges: Pharmacy: $25/hr; Other USC: $30/hr

Zeiss Axioskop Microscope

Description/Applications: Examines and photographs microscope slides. Saves data onto CDs.
Charges: Pharmacy: $20/hr; Other USC: $24/hr

Microm Spin Tissue Processor STP 120

Description/Applications: Automatically dehydrates and paraffin infiltrates tissue samples.

Microm Tissue Embedding Center EC350

Description/Applications: Paraffin infiltrated tissues are embedded in wax and mounted on cassettes.


Description/Applications: Processes bone samples and other tissues that are difficult to mount as frozen sections.

Thermo Shandon Hyperclean Station

Description/Applications: Slide-mounted specimens can be cover slipped and preserved in mounting medium.