The Lentiviral Laboratory

  • Provides services on a fee-for-service basis. Charges for Investigators outside of School of Pharmacy are approximately 25% higher.
  • Forms collaborations that lead to grant subcontracts/co-investigator status. These services are considered part of our collaboration with USC Pharmacy investigators.

Types of Services with Fees

Service Amount/Volume/Titer Fee
Backbone vector DNA 1 µg $100
Lentivirus packaging, titration
with concentration
100 µl/1 x 107- 1 x 108 IFU/ml $750
Lentivirus packaging, titration
without concentration
30 ml of medium/1 x 105 IFU/ml $500
Cell transductions, validation – cell line 6-wel plate $500
Standard sub-cloning into a lentivector $350
PCR sub-cloning $450
Sub-cloning – transformation, amplification, endotoxin-free purification $3450

We require 30 – 50 μg endotoxin-free DNA of the custom Lentiviral plasmids. All custom constructs should come with vector maps and information on the packaging plasmids.